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At TaxPRO, we are more than a software company, we're committed to providing our customers with the best service in the industry, from implementation to ongoing support. Each member of the TaxPRO staff is totally committed to taking care of each of our customers.

Every year we ask our customers to grade us. For three years in a row, all our clients said we met or exceeded their needs and expectations. Most said we exceeded them.

Admittedly, our customers are amoung the most committed and forward-thinking in public service. We feel privileged to work with them and their kind of endorsements indicate that the feeling is mutual.


Highlight of Our Results

  • 100% of our clients said TaxPRO was responsive to their needs
  • 100% of our clients said that requests were responded to in a timely manner and accurately
  • 90% of our clients rated their value of service from TaxPRO as excellent
  • 100% of our clients would recommend TaxPRO to others


TaxPRO Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

Communication & Responsiveness

1. Are your calls and/or emails responded to promptly?        Yes or No

2. Are your needs/expectations understood?        Yes or No

3. Is work completed for you and your staff in a timely manner?        Yes or No

4. How would you rate the quality of TaxPRO communications?        Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor Technical and Professional Support

5. Is TaxPRO responsive to your needs?        Yes or No

6. Do our employees have a good understanding of our product when asked for help?        Yes or No

7. Do you feel your requests are responded to in a timely manner?        Yes or No

8. Are projects completed accurately?        Yes or No

9. How would you rate the quality of TaxPRO support?        Yes or No

10. Over the last twelve (12) months, has the quality of technical support improved, stayed the same, or declined?

11. Do you receive helpful suggestions that demonstrate competence in the job and services provided by our employees?        Yes or No Value of service

12. How would you rate the value of the service you receive from TaxPRO?        Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor

13.How has the value of services provided to you by TaxPRO changed over the last twelve months? Improved, stayed, the same, declined? Overall Evaluation

14. Would you be willing to recommend TaxPRO to others?        Yes or No

15. How well has TaxPRO performed over the last twelve (12) months relative to your needs and expectations?        Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor


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